When it comes to grandfathers, I'm blessed to have a great one.

For those who know "Pep," you already know that he's a native Fall River resident who's chock-full of stories.

He's given one of the best hot dog reviews you'll ever hear from "George The Greek," he's a master historian when it comes to the hurricane of 1938, and the biggest fan of Fred Astaire and Sarah Brightman you'll ever meet.

Every time I rendezvous with Pep, I enjoy asking him about his life. His life experiences are priceless and when it comes to growing up in Fall River, he knows it all.

The other day I paid him a visit and asked him about his education as a young man. He told me he had attended Notre Dame School and enjoyed every second of it.

I'll be honest, there's nothing better than a story from Pep. His personal nostalgia keeps you hooked like a good read.

"I was never the sharpest tool in the shed," he told me, "But when it comes to being a nice person to everybody, I'm pretty good at that."

There's no one better at keeping their spirits high than Pep.

From school lunches to recess and academics, even down to Phys Ed, Pep nailed the nostalgia in this interview, and we're lucky to have his sharp recollections of days gone by.

"I'm not old," he said. "I'm experienced, and to me, that means more than anything in the world."

On that note, I couldn't agree with Pep any more.

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