It is World Breastfeeding Week and women are celebrating around the globe by bringing awareness to natural nursing.

When my first daughter was born I knew I would be breastfeeding her. And even though we had some medical issues to overcome at her start of life to get there, we did get there and I nursed for just over a year.

Now eight months into nursing my second daughter I've come to really appreciate the portability of breastfeeding.

I am a literal Meals on Wheels these days and with two kids' schedules to follow, that has certainly come in handy. And led to some interesting nursing locations.

I've fed my daughters in parks, zoos, restaurants, doctors offices, libraries and more. But I think the strangest feeding session was the time I had to sneak into a Target fitting room for a quick bite to eat before a hungry baby meltdown kept me from running the errands I needed to.

Luckily I have never experienced any kind of breastfeeding shaming. No one has ever asked me to stop nursing or told me to cover up as you sometimes see stories of on social media.

I've found most people to be quite supportive of breastfeeding needs and places will often help you find a quiet location for meal time.

But that doesn't mean we moms haven't had the occasional "just gotta do it" feeding session in an odd place.

So, where the strangest place you've nursed your baby?

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