The popular kids theme park is going to hosting their first ever Sensory Sensitive Weekend this summer.

If you've wanted to head up to New Hampshire for a trip to Story Land but weren't sure how your child might handle it, this could be the perfect weekend for you.

On June 23 and 24, Story Land is planning a customized experience that caters to the Autism Community.

As they write on their Facebook event page,

Here at Story Land, we strive to provide wonderful family memories for all, but we know not all families are alike.

So to cater to families with autistic children, their Sensory Sensitive Weekend will feature several park changes.

1. All park music will be turned down and ride music will be either off or turned down as well.

2. Ride announcements will be made at a lower decibel.

3. Certain water/geyser features will be turned off

4. VIP passes will be made available for guests who cannot wait in line.

5. VIP passes for food will also be available.

6. A special exit near Bamboo Chutes will be open from 3-5:15 p.m. to offer families an easier exit to their vehicle.

Story Land also says that Saturday June 23 will be the grand opening of the new Calming Room, a sensory sensitive area for those who need a break from the park.

There will also be a designated quiet dining area debuting for the 2018 season. That will be located next to the Los Bravos burgers.

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