If you live in New Bedford, you are a New Bedfordite. Folks who hail from Boston are called Bostonians.

Born in Rhode Island? You are a Rhode Islander.

What is the nickname for people born in Massachusetts?

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Good question. I consulted Moving.com, and here is what I found out.

The site says, "Believe it or not, there are numerous nicknames to describe people who live in different states." Some are rather obvious – while others – not so much.

So what about those of us from Massachusetts? What is our nickname?

There are two, according to Moving.com. The site says Massachusetts residents are known as Massachusettsans and Bay Staters. I admit that the term Massachusettsans is a new one to me.

According to Moving.com, if you come from Connecticut, you are a Connecticuter or a Nutmegger. Hmmm.

Reside in the White Mountains? You might be a New Hampshirite or Granite Stater.

My peeps in Vermont are simply Vermonters, and that's okay with them.

No, people from Maine or not called Maniacs. Not all of them, anyway. A native of Maine might be called a Mainer or Down Easter.

Rhode Islanders are also known as Rhodians, according to Moving.com.

Did you know that people in Pennsylvania are called Pennamites? New Jerseyites are also known as New Jerseyans. Mississippians are also Mississippers. Were you born and raised in Chicago? You might be an Illinoisan, Illinosian or Illinoisian.

Believe it or not, Californians are also known as Californiacs, and folks from Arkansas are Arkansawyers. Here's a link to the rest of them.

Ah, what's in a name? After all, we are all from America, which makes us Americans.

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