When you have a child with special needs even something as simple as a trip to the movies can be difficult. And that is why Regal Cinemas offers sensory-friendly screenings.

Though children on the autism spectrum can find dark theaters and loud movie volumes to be overwhelming, it doesn't mean they have to miss out on the fun of seeing a film on the big screen.

Regal Cinemas offers sensory-friendly screenings at dozens of theaters nationwide.

These screenings feature kid-friendly movies and are called "My Way Matinees." At these showings the volume is lower and the theater lights are left on a bit brighter.

The adaptive movie experience also encourages children to get out of their seats to sing, dance and even shout along with the characters.

Regal Cinemas director of public relations, Sandra Heinig, told ABC

Sometimes in the movies, everyone likes you to be quiet and to sit there, and for some families that may not be the way their children or their families experience movies. You don't have to sit still, and hopefully that makes it fun for everyone who comes to the movies.

Currently the closest Regal Cinemas featuring My Way Matinees is in Hyannis, MA at the Regal Cape Cod Mall Stadium 12.

But with Regal Cinemas locations in Swansea and Taunton, perhaps they'll come closer if parents ask for these showings.

There are new My Way Matinees each month, the next one featuring the movie Duck Duck Goose on April 21st at 10:30 a.m.

Check the Regal Cinemas website for more movies and showtimes throughout the year.


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