If you have Christmas spirit like Buddy the Elf has Christmas spirit, then this hotel suite is for you.

I imagine the newest suite at Club Wyndham Midtown 45 in New York City is going to sell out fast.

That's because the entire place is straight out of the Elf movie. And it's amazing.

If Buddy the Elf would love it, they created it in real life.

Like the entire suite's ceiling being decked out in "paper cutout" snowflakes.

Wyndham Hotels

Appliances, cupboards and even whole walls made to look like wrapped presents.

Wyndham Hotels

A welcoming Light Bright for guests.

Wyndham Hotels

And of course, a kitchen filled with sweets, so you can stick to the four food groups:

Wyndham Hotels

candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup.

In fact, the hotel says the kitchen literally comes stocked with a fridge full of noodles, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, Pop-Tarts, cookie dough, M&Ms and liters of Coca-Cola so you can recreate the famous spaghetti dinner scene during your stay.

But stays have to happen within a very small window of time.

You can start trying to book this one-of-a-kind suite on November 25 and sleep in this winter wonderland any time throughout the month of December.

Wyndham Hotels

And every overnight stay comes with complimentary admission to the Empire State Building and ice skating next to the Rockefeller Christmas Tree.

Because if you're going to live like Buddy the Elf, you really gotta live like Buddy the Elf.

It sounds like a perfect holiday getaway for family, friends or anyone who loves Christmas.

Good luck getting your overnight stay if you really love this room.

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