Maybe Starbucks needs to ease up on the rules, because they're not making any friends.

The coffee giant is adding to their dress code policy for employees, and people are not too happy. The new rules ban wearing any rings that aren't simple bands, including engagement rings or anything with a stone.

Starbucks does allow employees to have tattoos, just not on the face or neck. They can also have simple necklaces, but they have to wear it under their shirts. No watches, bracelets, or wristbands.

While they were at it, Starbucks also banned brightly colored hair and fingernails. If it looks fun, leave it at home.

Well, employees aren't taking Starbucks' dress code laying down. People have started the Twitter trend #BoycottStarbucks, with people furious over having to leave their wedding rings at home.

Starbucks might not be totally to blame though. The company said it's not a Starbucks rule, but a FDA Food Code.

This might be a battle that Starbucks won't win though, whether they're to blame or not. We'll just have to enjoy our coffees with a little less character coming from the baristas.