If you were dreaming of a white Christmas this year, sorry to say ... keep dreaming. New long-range forecasts are in and the data seems to show no snow for the SouthCoast for the rest of 2022.

Back in August the Farmers' Almanac released its predictions about the upcoming winter and said things would be extremely cold starting in December and lasting on and off through March.

Fairly common for the Northeast if you ask me -- and not all that specific.

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Well, cut to October and Accuweather is attempting to get more accurate -- or at least a little more specific with the predictions.

SouthCoast Winter Predictions 2022-2023

The cold part of the Farmers' Almanac forecast seems spot on (and not at all surprising). Accuweather is also calling for things to get quite cold in our corner of the world, though the timing is a bit later in the season.

Early predictions say we should see "a few winter previews in November and December as waves of cold air dive down from Canada, but the biggest blasts of cold air will hold off until later in the winter."

So what does this mean for your white Christmas?

Well, according to the long-range forecasts by weathertab.com, November is going to start fairly warm as far as typical fall goes. The site expects a few cold days around Thanksgiving, but those days will be dry, so no snow is expected.

Of course, a lot can change.

For December, there are lots of days with precipitation in the long-range forecast, but not too many days when the weather would be cold enough to turn the rain to snow. Sleet and slush may come our way in December, but snow is pretty unlikely according to the weather experts looking ahead.


This does fall into typical SouthCoast winter patterns, however. The National Weather Service website provides historical data for winters' past and very few have seen snow in November or December.

Skiiers take heart, however, because everyone seems to be saying January through March will bring lots of fluffy, white stuff. In fact, the Northeast is the only area in the country where weather forecasters are calling for above-normal snowfall numbers for the season.

Everyone else is getting less snow than usual, so the New England slopes could get a little crowded this winter.

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