I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that Summertime sadness is about to settle in.

With a hot season preparing to take the backseat, it can only be followed up with a wintry mix of bitter coldness.

Farmer's Almanac is quite the entertaining source when it comes to annual seasonal predictions, but not for nothing, they've been on point in the past. If you were hoping for a subtle winter after the drought we've just experienced, according to the almanac, you're out of luck.

New England is looking at "plenty of snow, rain, and mush — as well as some record-breaking cold temperatures." If you ask me, that's a pretty broad forecast. Especially in this neck of the woods, it's all too common.

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Last year, the almanac called for a "frosty flip-flop winter." Without a doubt, that was accurate for the most part.

So, how cold will it get here in Massachusetts and throughout New England?

"Significant shivers, slushy, icy and snowy" are the words the alamanc uses to describe the low temps that are just around the corner. December is shaping up to be cold, but it's in January that we'll have to bundle up a little more.

It's being referred to as a "hot chocolate warning." As cozy as it sounds, temps are expected to drop significantly.

Snow will dominate a majority of New York and inner New England areas, so considering the SouthCoast sits comfortably along the Atlantic Ocean, we might miss a few storms that are predicted to hit the Eastern seaboard.

Luckily, once February of 2023 rolls around, we're in for more bearable temperatures and a much milder late winter progressing into spring.

What do I get from all of this?

Just prepare like you would for any other winter season here in New England and Massachusetts. In other words, suck it up. Year after year we've become experienced drivers in the snow (well, most of us). Get your rocksalt when you can, make sure you pay your oil or gas bills, and bundle up before heading out.

This is no first rodeo, this is New England. If you live here, then you know it comes with cold winters and hot summers. Get used to it or move to Florida -- that's the only advice I have to offer. Get outside while you can.

The temps are still in the 80s for goodness sake.

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