April showers? Check.

May flowers? On the way.

Hot, sticky June? Most likely.

As the summer of 2024 draws near, the excitement builds for warm, sunny days.

As of late, the weather on the SouthCoast has been windy, rainy, and gloomy. Beautiful days have forced themselves into the forecast here and there, but we can all agree that springtime has seemingly been nonexistent this year.

What can we expect for summer? According to the Farmers Almanac, record-breaking temperatures could be on the way for much of the country, but does that include us?

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What Will the Summer of 2024 Look Like?

The Farmers’ Almanac Summer Weather Forecast 2024 calls for a warm, hot, and muggy summer for most of the nation.

The Northwest region, however, will have more seasonable summer temperatures. While areas east of the Mississippi River will have their fair share of muggy weather, New England should be prepared for even more rain.

“New England is on track to have yet another wet summer,” said the almanac.

Not exactly what we want to hear.

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When Does Summer Start?

The official start of summer is on June 20th, with the arrival of the summer solstice at 4:51 pm, the earliest start in 128 years according to the almanac.

Nothing beats summertime in New England. From seaside charm to top-notch seafood, we have it all. So, I think I speak for all of us when I say, I hope this prediction is way off and Mother Nature doesn’t rain on our parade.

In the meantime, pray to the sun gods. We may be in for a wet summer.

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