We are just about a month into winter on the SouthCoast and already the predictions from the 2022 Farmer’s Almanac seem to be coming to fruition.

When we first told you what the folks behind the annual American publication predicted for Southern New England way back at the end of August, you may not have believed what they had to say. So we did some comparing to find out just how right they really were.

The Farmer’s Almanac has always stated that their long-range predictions are about 80 percent accurate, but they really seem to be nailing it this season. In short, they told us to expect a cold and stormy January and that has definitely been the case.

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Early January was supposed to start warmer, see an early snow storm, then have a roller coaster ride of temperatures with lots of precipitation throughout the month. They also threw in the possibility of a blizzard the second week of the month and serious chill towards the end of the month.

In reality, we got a decent second week storm with four to eight inches of snow across the SouthCoast and plummeting temperatures starting right around the middle of the month. According to National Weather Service data, in the last two weeks we’ve had eight days where lows dipped down to the teens or single digits. Brrr!

Clearly, the early January blizzard was not the case and it seems our latest round of major snow wasn’t in the late summer predictions at all. The Farmer’s Almanac didn’t call for more serious snow until late February. Missed that mark by about a month, didn’t they?

Still, they are certainly more right than wrong and that should have you buying up all the thermal underwear you can find. Since the summer, predictions have called for winter 2022 to be the longest and coldest in recent history, even going so far as to call it the “season of shivers.”

So yes, more of the bone-chilling cold is coming our way in February and March before spring arrives. Luckily, the Farmers’ Almanac says April and May will be warmer and drier than normal and summer looks to be hot and dry, perfect for sunning yourself at the beach.

If they are just as accurate later in the year as they have been to start 2022, I think we can expect a pretty pleasant spring and summer in our future. At this point, we all deserve that.

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