It still amazes me how something like the Farmer's Almanac can predict the weather of the future, months out at a time. As a former meteorology student, just formulating the evening forecast was a difficult task, never mind seasons in advance. Regardless, if what they say is spot on, then it can help prepare the SouthCoast for what's to come this upcoming winter.

In a few words, the Almanac describes the SouthCoast area as:

  • Typical winter chill
  • Stormy January
  • Tranquil February

In other words, a typical New England Winter like we normally have. Every now and then it's going to snow, and every now and then we'll get one good "whopper," as the Farmer's Almanac so accurately describes them. Putting any potential major storms aside, it doesn't look like there will be a lot of snow to start, which is good news for everyday people and bad news for skiers and snowboarders. Expect this to fluctuate from month to month, hence the possibility of a snow storm.

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Starting in January, the temperature is looking to be meek at first, but only temporarily, as the chill will begin to settle in towards the end of the month. Since the SouthCoast is on the Atlantic coastline, we could be faced with numerous storms with and without mixing. A possible blizzard could hit the second week in.

Flash forward to February where it begins to calm down a bit from January's wrath of coastal storms, but not entirely. The Almanac is calling for one more snow or sleet or rain or ice as the month comes to a close.

Finally, for March, we're looking at a much milder month compared to January and February. The old saying goes "when it rains, it pours," and we're talking about buckets of precipitation. Like always, expect a Nor'Easter along the coastal seaboard towards month's end. Again, there's nothing new there.

How warm should you dress? If you've lived in New England long enough, you should be accustomed to the frigid temperatures that await the SouthCoast. If anything, it's looking to be just a little colder than normal throughout January to March, so bundle up and dress accordingly. The weather will noticeably flip-flop throughout the month.

Hopefully that answers any questions and satisfies the curiosity about the winter to come. Take my advice: don't go nuts at the storms in full-blown panic mode. We've all dredged through some wintry conditions, but we eventually got through it. There's no need to hoard groceries or supplies, that's what ensues the panic.

If the Farmer's Almanac is as accurate as it says, then my final conclusion about this future prediction is to just keep doing whatever you've done in the past. It's a good system, so stick to it. If it's stormy out, then stay home, it's not that difficult to comprehend.

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