We might not be lucky enough to see snow here on the SouthCoast yet this winter, but other parts of Massachusetts have been covered in the fluffy stuff and wildlife is loving it.

A nature lover in the Berkshires known on Facebook as CR Wildlife Cams has been setting up trail cameras to "document the hidden lives of wildlife" and her videos are delightful.

As someone with trail cameras in her own backyard, I am constantly fascinated (and sometimes a little freaked out) at what I can find wandering around out there after dark.

However, this woman captured pure daylight joy when a cute little otter wandered into her line of sight and had a good time in the snow.

I have been hoping for a real snowstorm (seriously, just one, Mother Nature, please?) and this playful otter captures the good times snow can bring.

He appears to be belly sledding around the mounds of snow that covered a beaver pond along the Appalachian Trail in western Massachusetts. Even though the piles of snow around him aren't huge, it seems these otters can really slip and slide on anything.

This little guy's brief encounter with the snow is all the more reason I hope to see some here on the SouthCoast soon. Though the next few days are warmer and sunnier, February looks to be taking a turn toward cold.

Hopefully, that will mean temperatures chilly enough to turn all this rain we've been getting into some snow for a change, so we can all get out there to slip and slide like an otter.

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