Chances are you've never heard of Camp Mohawk in the Berkshires, but you might just know the big screen camp it inspired.

Actor/director Michael Showalter spent several summers at Camp Mohawk in Lanesborough when he was growing up and his time there inspired the fictional Camp Firewood in the cult-classic movie Wet Hot American Summer.

Now you can own a piece of movie history, not to mention American history, by purchasing Camp Mohawk.

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This beautiful 102-acre camp on the shoreline of the Cheshire Reservoir was listed in June 2023 for $5.5 million. As a new summer approaches, the owner has dramatically dropped the price of this Massachusetts gem to $3.5 million.

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Clearly, the owner is motivated to sell the property, which includes five structures on the National Register of Historic Places.

The main farmhouse, attached horse barn, two cow barns and a corn crib are considered worthy of preservation due to their historical significance to the area. Considering the property was built as a farm in 1720, it has nearly 300 years of history to choose from.

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First owned by Col. Jonathan Pettibone, a French and Indian War veteran, the property has been listed with TKG Real Estate by current owners, the Schulmans, who last ran it as a summer camp over a decade ago.

Many of the camp buildings are a bit run down and nowhere near ready for campers, but the land itself is gorgeously green, boasts nearly 1 mile of waterfront access and has huge potential for the next owners.

There is a 2,300-square-foot house where the new owners could live, plus plenty of camp buildings throughout the 102 acres to re-build, re-model or convert into something else entirely.

Keep scrolling to see why this amazing property was such a summer inspiration.

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