As I'm writing this, I'm looking out of my office window at the lightest of flurries falling harmlessly to the ground. It's still early, but this winter has been a total non-factor. A bust. I swear Market Basket sales must be off due to the lack of snow—and the mania that accompanies the lead-up to a good snowstorm.

The only exception was that one snow squall the night November 15, which technically didn't happen during the winter.

We've had a few pretty cold nights, but it's never been paired with the incredible amounts of wet weather we've had in the past. The weather pattern has just been warm and wet. You know the "feeling" you get when it looks like it's going to snow? I haven't felt that feeling since last winter. Have you?

It got me thinking: what if this was the year that it never snowed? I asked Chelsea Priest from ABC6 about it the other day. She was intrigued by the idea, but she wasn't able to look back at the history on it because of the government shutdown (the government's weather websites are inactive).

If it didn't snow this winter, would you be disappointed? There was a day that I would have been bummed about a snowless winter, but I think I'm beyond that. I'm at a place now where snow means inconvenience, money, and tired backs from shoveling. I'm all set with snowstorms.

I KNOW there are people that disagree, though. There are plenty of people that love the thrill of being stranded at home, and hunkering down with a bunch of junk food.

I swear Market Basket sales must be off due to the lack of snow (and the mania that accompanies the leadup to a good snowstorm.  --Michael Rock




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