With a big snow day on the way I'm here to let you know how you can survive it.

The holidays are over. you've gone back to work. The kids have gone back to school. Yet you're likely about to spend some more quality family time together tomorrow after this snow storm hits. So other than shoveling until your backs give out, what can you do to pass the time. Well, I've got a few pointers.


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    Play In The Snow

    I mean as much as we get sick of shoveling snow and driving in snow, it can still be pretty fun to play in. Get the family together and after you make the kids help you shovel. Draw a line in the snow and start a snowball war! Maybe get your Frozen on and build a snowman. Make some snow angels or even try your hand at a snow fort or something wild. Turn that silly snow into a positive.

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    Movie Day!

    There's nothing like kickin' back and just watching some movies. Maybe a series of movies like Star Wars or the Marvel movies can fill up a big chunk of your afternoon. If you've got kids I'm sure they'll be cool with a superhero movie say, or even some amazing kids movies. If you don't love some Disney Pixar classics then yes, I'm judging you. So, kick back, relax and make your living room a home theatre.

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    Board (Bored) Games

    Clue, Sorry, Candyland or even... Monopoly. They all can help you pass the time on a brutal snow day. Monopoly obviously could take up the whole day as long as no one flips the board half way through. It can even serve as some real quality family time. If you find yourself bored out of your mind.. let the games begin.

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    Full Blown Netflix Binge

    If you've got kids with you for this snow day then you're probably not going to love binge watching bubble guppies or something, but if not, by all means, Netflix the day away. Dave Chapelle just dropped another special! You can start there and let the binging begin.

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    Make Sure You've Hit The Liquor Store

    **For The 21 Plus Crowd Only**

    Dealing with the kids for a whole day again might leave you wanting to rip your hair out. Wine can help. Maybe have a few friends over and have a snowed in party with your pals Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo or Jim Beam. Who knows, but I feel like that's the #1 snow day activity (once you hit 21 of course), so have at it! Cheers!

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