It may be the spookiest time of year, but the fall season also coincides with some of the most beloved family traditions.

Traditions like bobbing for apples and hopping on hay rides feel like a warm blanket for the soul every season, but out of all the traditions, one reigns supreme, and that's pumpkin carving.


Making a Jack-O-Lantern will always be my favorite fall activity. I don't know if it's the messiness of it or if it's the end result I love the most, but carving pumpkins with loved ones is a non-negotiable fall activity in the Levine household.

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Gutting the pumpkin, picking out the seeds, picking the design. I love it all. But this year, I decided to switch it up a bit. Instead of reaching for the butcher knife, I grabbed my paintbrush set.

Painting a pumpkin definitely has its perks. It's much easier and a whole lot neater. But the downside is that the pumpkin really only shows its true potential during the day.

At night, the Jack-O-Lanterns shine. Seeing them glow from the stoops around the neighborhood mesmerizes me every season, and it always shocks me at how creative people can be.

I took the easy route this year and painted a simple message. My husband's was even simpler, but I think they get the spooky message across.


So many SouthCoast homes pulled out all the stops for their Halloween decorations, and the Jack-O-Lanterns are most certainly the stars of the show.

Keep scrolling to check out some of the Jack-O-Lanterns lighting up your neighborhood.

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