On May 29, the mask mandate will be lifted for all fully vaccinated people in Massachusetts and one of the thoughts on the public's mind, including my own, is if gyms will still make people wear their masks?

Of course it's at the discretion of the businesses as well as their members, but for anyone who is looking to get back to a bit of normalcy while working out, you're definitely not alone. I for one can not wait to run on a treadmill or lift weights without having to wear a mask. Anywhere else I'm comfortable with it, but I have trouble breathing while exercising and I feel as though I can't commit to my full effort.

The CDC states that anyone who is vaccinated and feels comfortable not wearing a mask will soon be able to go about their daily life without wearing masks. That being said, I reached out to a few local gyms throughout the area to get their take on the matter and here's what their thoughts were on the matter:

How SouthCoast Gyms Are Handling the Lifting of Massachusetts' Mask Mandate

On May 29th, the mask mandate will be lifted in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Here are how some local gyms will handle the change. Please note, the mask mandate is only being lifted for those who are fully vaccinated and anyone who isn't, the state will still ask that they were a mask in public.

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