This local entrepreneur took her crafting room a whole new, totally enviable level with her mobile studio. 

Lisamarie Pearson, owner and creative mind behind Scatterbrain Handmade Studio, didn't just pick a name for her plush toy business out of thin air. Scatterbrain was a project born out of not-ideal circumstances.

When I was 25 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer. I was too ill to work so I stayed home and at the hospital and I would craft to pass the time. ... After I got better I fell into a deep depression because I had to go back into the real world and get a job and not sew as much. I realized this was was got me through my horrible medical stint. Making. Sewing. Creating. ...  After 3 months of searching I found this rickety old camper and I bought it for $400 off a man in Berkley.  I put every penny I made waitressing and at craft fairs into this camper for 4 years. It was my therapy project for dealing with depression and it gave me something to do to clear my head. I built this studio into what I would want to see as a child- as the coolest thing I could imagine for children and adults to enjoy.


Five years later, healthy, and cancer free Scatterbrain is a full mobile studio where Lisamarie can create all day long.

What we love most about Lisamarie (besides her totally positive vibes) is this swoon-worthy craft space she has made for herself.  We saw these photos floating around Facebook and have looked at them in envy hundreds of time since. Now you can, too!