There's all kinds of different baseball moms out there, are you one of the ones listed?

Props to Kim Gioioso from for starting this list at a freezing cold baseball game last night.  This turned out to be a hilarious list!  Which one are you?  Did we miss any?

Here is the list she came up with:

  1. The Fashionista Mom...sacrifices warmth for fashion.
  2. The "Any Out Is A Good Out" Mom
  3. "I Have to Pee" Mom
  4. Bring Your Own Healthy Food Mom
  5. Gossip Mom
  6. Dunkin Donuts Mom
  7. What's REALLY In Those Dunkin Donuts Cups Mom
  8. Fairweather Fan Mom...only goes when the weather warms up.
  9. I Hope I Washed The Uniform Mom
  10. Video EVERY pitch mom.
  11. I Hope The Concession Stand Is Open To Feed The Kids Dinner Mom
  12. No One Can Tell You Aren't Wearing Matching Socks Because We Are Going To Be Late If You Don't Get In The Car Mom
  13. Annoying Dog Mom
  14. Doesn't Care Mom
  15. Super Competitive Mom
  16. Cheerleader Mom
  17. ESPN Announcer Mom
  18. Constant Complainer Mom
  19. Late to Everything Mom
  20. Sits in Her Car Mom
  21. Drop Off Mom
  22. Thank God I Cooked a Delicious Meal in My Crock Pot Mom
  23. I Hope I Washed the Uniform Mom
  24. Anti-social mom
  25. I'm Not Really Into Baseball But I Pretend I Am Mom

If we missed any, leave a comment and tell us which moms you've seen at your kids baseball field!

Additional Reporting By: Mikaylee McEwan

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