If you're a contact lens wearer, here are some tips that should make wearing them a little easier.

I was a contact lens wearer for about 18 years, so I have tons of experience with them and can tell you the ups and downs of wearing contacts.

Your lifestyle could affect your contact wearing. For example, if you have a desk job where you stare at a computer screen for hours at a time, your eyes could get very dry. Did you know that you naturally blink less when looking at a screen? I wonder if that pertains to TV watching as well. My guess is probably. If you notice your eyes are dry and making you uncomfortable, tell your eye doctor at your next visit. That could totally change the type of contact lens he or she is prescribing for you.

Another game changer is if you sleep with your contacts in. Yes, it's bad, but yes I was guilty of doing it many times. Sometimes it was out of sheer laziness and sometimes I would accidentally fall asleep with them still in. Either way, it's not good when you wake up with contacts still in. My eyes would be SO dry after I did that, you'd think I would have learned! Anyway, while it's not good to sleep with contacts in, you do need to tell your eye doctor about it if you do that. Yeah, they may scold you a bit for it, but they can also help you, which is why they are there after all. Your doctor may prescribe you extended-wear lenses which are approved for wearing overnight.

Or if you're the type that is switching back and forth between contacts and glasses or just tired of wearing contact lenses all together, maybe it's time to think of another option. Have you thought about or considered Lasik eye surgery? It's not as scary as it sounds, trust me! I was terrified of having any surgery, but after learning everything about the procedure, including the risks and if I was even a candidate for the surgery, it ended up being the right thing for me and one of the greatest decisions I've ever made.

I had my Lasik eye surgery on Aug. 14, and that day changed my life. From that day on, I could see with my own eyes perfectly, something I haven't been able to do on my own without the help of glasses or contacts since I was nine years old. If you think Lasik eye surgery is right for you, or it's just time to give up your glasses and/or contacts, give Dr. Kenyon a visit! He's amazing at what he does. You can find him at Eye Health Vision Centers, 51 State Road in Dartmouth, Mass.

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