Is it me?  Or is Monday's solar eclipse not worth the hype?

I remember being in New York City for a solar eclipse back in the early 1990's.  It was interesting to have the city skies darken up in the middle of the day, but honestly it wasn't much crazier than seeing a strong thunderstorm moving in with clouds blocking the sun.

I was just a stupid college kid at the time, so I don't remember any talk of special solar eclipse glasses that we were supposed to wear.  They may have had them, but I didn't know.  I may or may not have done exactly what we weren't supposed to do, but thankfully I didn't do any damage to my eyes while looking up at the sun.

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Now that I'm an adult, I'm seeing people buying these weird looking solar eclipse glasses.  They remind me of the old fashioned 3D glasses that we picked up at 7-11 and collectively wore in the mid-80's to watch Jaws 3 on Channel 56 one summer.  Before the movie started they "tested" out the glasses with a snake that jumped out at you and a cowboy and his whip.  Core memories, indeed.

Putting on these solar eclipse glasses, though?  I'm not sure if it passes the worth it factor.  Can't you see a story in years to come revealing that these glasses were defective and people who wore them and stared at the eclipse caused irreversible damage to their eyes?  I'm not trying to be alarmist, I'm just sincerely wondering if I'm going to put faith in $1.99 glasses picked up with my Slurpee.

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