Attention all eclipse enthusiasts.

If you've got some solar eclipse glasses lying around after the last cosmic spectacle, here's your chance to give them a new life and make a difference. The Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford is teaming up with Eclipse Glasses USA to participate in the Eclipse Glasses Give-Back program.

From now until Friday, April 12th, you can drop off your used but undamaged solar eclipse glasses at the zoo's main lobby. But wait, what happens to these glasses after you donate them? Well, they're not just going into storage or the trash—they're going on a journey to Latin America.

Thanks to this program, schools in Latin American countries will receive these glasses in time for the October 2024 Annular Eclipse. For many of these students, getting access to eclipse glasses might not be easy, so your donation could make a huge difference in their educational experience.

Imagine being a kid in a classroom, learning about the wonders of the universe, and then having the chance to witness a rare celestial event like a solar eclipse safely with your classmates. That's what this program is all about—providing students with the tools they need to learn and explore the world around them in a safe and exciting way.

So, why should you participate? Well, besides the warm fuzzy feeling you'll get from knowing you're helping out kids in need, it's also a fantastic opportunity to recycle your eclipse glasses. Instead of letting them collect dust in a drawer somewhere, why not give them a second life and contribute to a worthy cause?

Donating your eclipse glasses is easy—all you have to do is swing by the Buttonwood Park Zoo and drop them off in the lobby. It's a simple act that can have a big impact, so gather up those glasses and spread the word. Let's make sure that everyone, no matter where they are, has the chance to experience the magic of a solar eclipse safely.

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