Love stories can unfold in the most unexpected places and under the most enchanting circumstances.

For Fall River residents Joel Butler and Jason Bertrand, their love story ascended to new heights during the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024.

During the moment of totality, as the moon fully eclipsed the sun, Butler proposed to his beloved.

The couple headed to a cozy cabin in Vermont to experience the eclipse and a romantic getaway. Little did Bertrand know that this getaway would become a moment he would cherish forever.

Bertrand's fascination with all things space served as the guiding star for Butler's proposal plan. Reflecting on their shared love for stargazing and constellation hunting, Butler orchestrated a proposal that would blend their passions seamlessly.

With careful planning, Butler picked out a unique black carved tungsten ring furnished with meteorite. Before taking the leap, Butler sought the blessing of Bertrands's mother, whose joyous approval added an extra layer of warmth to the occasion.

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As the proposal neared, Butler wrestled with nerves until a much-needed Bloody Mary boosted his confidence. Surrounded by friends who were well aware of his plan, they went on a hike, eating up time until the grand moment.

As the moon began to block out the sun, Butler leaped into action. He dropped to one knee, professed his love and asked for Bertrand's hand in marriage.

Taken aback by the unexpected turn of events, Bertrand was rendered speechless. Finally, with great anticipation, he found his voice and replied with a soft yet resounding "Yes."

The couple's love story goes back to their first date, arranged by mutual friends in December 2022. It was trivia night at New Bedford's Play Arcade. They have been inseparable ever since.

Looking towards their future together, Butler shares a heartfelt message for his now fiancé Bertrand, saying, "Continue to stay loving, and continue to stay nice, and we’ll last forever."

I'm a sucker for a good love story, and this "eclipse engagement" is proof that love is as mighty as the stars above.

Congrats to the happy couple. May their journey be filled with good health and wealth.

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