The "Honey Do" list is basically a list of projects around the house that both you and your significant other swore would get done during the quarantine.

Now that restrictions have loosened, more people are going back to work, and with summer here I have a feeling these home projects probably won't get done for a while.

One such project at my house was finally cleaning out the attic. While for a few days it appeared this project would be an easy one to finish, weeks later I still have some of my stuff to clean out. Day by day, a few more things keep coming down from the attic and into the trash, but it probably should not have taken this long.

Bathroom projects have been pretty popular during this time, but they typically are pretty involved if you need a plumber, painters, and maybe even someone to redo the floors.

So I put together a list of different "Honey Do" list, tasks you may also have in the works at your house that may or may not get done by the end of the summer:

1. Bathroom remodel

2. Carpet or tile replacement

3. Cleaning out the attic or basement and finally creating that office space or man cave

4. Painting that room that still needs it

5. Cleaning out or organizing the shed

6. Fixing the garbage disposal

The list can go on and on. What projects have you started in your house that you thought would be a weekend project but has yet to be completed? Are you adding more and more to the list as time goes on?

Hey, spending more time at home means you notice more things you want to get done or make better. I'm sending all the good vibes and motivation your way to tackle your 'Honey Do' list before it becomes your 'Honey Didn't' list.

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