Cape Codders are used to traffic issues. They live two lives. Summer life is full of unpredictable travel times and swearing under your breath at New Yorkers and other out-of-towners ruining your day. Summer life as a Cape Codder means knowing your back roads to avoid Route 6 at all costs. However, when the tourists leave, life normally returns to a beautiful calm that makes living on the Cape more than worth it.

Until March.

That's when construction on the Sagamore Bridge started. People who commute to the Cape saw their travel time double and even triple overnight. They tried to avoid the bridge by using the Bourne Bridge, but unfortunately so did everyone else. Suddenly, the off-season on the Cape wasn't so peaceful anymore.

Thank goodness relief is in sight. The Bourne Police Department has announced that starting Thursday afternoon (May 11), lane restrictions on the Sagamore are expected to be cleared. The construction signs should disappear before the weekend.

Commuters have already started celebrating. Barbara Clarkson says during her two-hour commute every morning for the past six weeks she has been productive in the car.

I’ve paid bills, answered emails, sent emails , eaten breakfast, cooked lunch … shopped online ... shopped online ... oh, and shopped online. The adult diapers can now be thrown away and I can hydrate on my daily drive! Best news EVERRRRR!

Dorcas Gardener had a more positive attitude towards the delays caused by the construction.

I enjoyed being able to call friends that I have been way too busy to call. The extra time taught me it’s OK to slow down from my day-to-day schedule. Thank you all for all the work helping to keep us all safe by fixing the bridge.

The Sagamore Bridge construction project was finished ahead of schedule.

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