October is breast cancer awareness month, but for many knowing how to support a cause they may or may not have first hand experience with is confusing.

So here are some simple tips for supporting the cause this month.

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    Be Informed

    The month is about breast cancer awareness...so make yourself aware. Did you know that one in eight women in the US will have invasive breast cancer in her lifetime? And sadly around 40,000 women die from the disease every year.

    Learn more at cancercenter.com

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    Lead By Example

    If you're a woman over 40 and haven't yet had a mammogram...make it happen! Early detection is huge when it comes to breast cancer and knowing you had a mammogram could encourage other women in your life to do the same. And who knows, even though the doctors may not find anything on your exam, you could save a friend's life with early detection for them.

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    Increase Awareness

    Think Pink doesn't just have to be a saying. You can literally sport pink shirts, socks, whatever for breast cancer awareness all month long. Even if pink isn't your color, wearing a simple pink ribbon throughout the month can out breast cancer top of mind for everyone you come across that day.

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    Eat And Drink Pink

    You can support the cause just by going out to dinner! Many restaurants offer pink options on their drink and dessert menus, with portions of proceeds going to breast cancer research foundations. So kick back with a tasty pink grapefruit margarita for a good cause!

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    Join A Fundraising Walk/Run

    There are plenty of breast cancer walks in October. Hop on social media to find out which ones some of your friends and family may be participating in and join them! Or if you can't find a walk near you, get to the Susan G Komen website to donate to one.

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    Go Shopping

    What's easier than that! A trip to certain stores this month will automatically mean a donation towards breast cancer research. And there's always products that associate themselves with breast cancer awareness as well. Look for pink labels or signs while your out doing your shopping to see what you can buy to help the cause.