I have heard some mix reviews about cargo shorts and I just want to set the story straight.

Today on Buzzfeed, I saw an article called "Dear Men, Please Stop Wearing Cargo Shorts".  I admit the article was humorous but I hardly agree.

Buzzfeed goes though many alternatives to cargo shorts.

They started off with putting down the classic shorts that men love, saying they were a "deadly plague we need to fight". I don't see a problem with them, but I guess other people do.

The first alternative listed was colored prep shorts. Yes, they are brights and come in many colors, but not all men want to flaunt pink or green shorts.

The next option given was cut off jeans, which they say totally outrank cargos. Personally, I think cut-offs are a big no-no. They are fine for girls, but definitely not guys.

They go through funny options like a cut up trash bag, but the last option is just regular khaki shorts, which i think are just fine but not as comfy and casual as cargos.

It's crazy to think that the shorts almost every guy owns are suddenly not in style. What do you think?  Cargo shorts or nah?

Additional Reporting by Kiah Heron