In the small town of Swansea, there's a restaurant that just might surprise you.

Just off of Route 103, diagonal from Cumberland Farms, there's a small mom and pop shop called Simply Simons.

The Michael Rock Show visited Simply Simons with hungry appetites and high expectations. Well, I can tell you that not only were our bellies full, but we were blown away by the quality and deliciousness that was brought to the table.

This Friday at 9:00 AM at, you'll be able to get the same experience with $50.00 gift certificates for only $25.00! Just remember, these deals go quickly, so be prepared at 8:59 AM for your oppurtunity to seize this tasty deal.

When it comes down what Simply Simon's has to offer, the Chicken Parmesean and Pork with Littlenecks are just the tip of the iceberg on their menu.

It may quaint, and the food might take a little longer to come out since everything on the menu is made to order, but I promise you it's well worth the wait.

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