I have to say, I'm very happy that my son is ambitious. Unlike many other kids his age, my son has decided to take some initiative this summer. He has been asking us each day about things he can do around the house to earn some money. I respect the heck out of that.

His latest push is that he wants a chance to mow our lawn.

I have two hesitations about this.

First and foremost, I am worried about something bad happening while he is mowing the lawn. I have heard too many stories about irreversible injuries that have happened while mowing the lawn. I have a riding mower which, in my mind, increases the level of risk.

My wife asked me how old I was when I first started to mow the lawn. I have to admit, I clearly remember mowing the lawn the summer heading into seventh grade–or, in other words, the exact same age of my son.

There's also a less important issue that is still worth mentioning. The fact is, I kind of like mowing my lawn. Also, I'm kind of particular about the way I mow my lawn. Each week, I change up the way I stripe it with my cuts. There's part of me that likes the mindless solitude and repetition of riding back and forth on a summer evening, mowing my lawn. Then, the sense of pride that comes from within when you walk away from your lawn after the job is done.

"The lawn looks good," I say to myself as I back out of my driveway after a fresh cut. I'd miss that feeling.

I talked about this on the air this morning and received an App Chat message on the Fun 107 app.

Lori from South Dartmouth wrote: "Teach him don't discourage him!!!! 💗"

She is right on the money.

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