I used to love seeing the Pawtucket Red Sox at McCoy Stadium. When my kids were little, we'd try to make it out to Pawtucket once or twice a year.

At the time, for our young family, McCoy Stadium was such a better experience than Fenway Park.

First of all, it was about half the travel time. It was easy to get tickets, so you could make the decision the day of the game and show up to buy tickets without an issue.

Needless to say, the tickets were cheaper, so if the kids started losing it after the fifth inning, you'd feel no obligation to stay. That's a lot harder to do when you're paying over $100 a ticket at Fenway Park.

I was shocked today to see this current photo of McCoy Stadium taken by Rochester drone photographer Barry Mullin.

Courtesy of Barry Mullin
Courtesy of Barry Mullin

The state of the grass in an abandoned baseball stadium is not something even the most avid baseball fan would think about. I'm not sure what I pictured inside, but it certainly wasn't a bone-dry infield coupled with a totally burnt outfield.

It's still unclear what will eventually happen to McCoy.  Back in December, The Boston Globe reported about the possibility of tearing down the ballpark and building a new high school for Pawtucket.

It's hard not to see the state of the field as symbolic of McCoy's life. The stadium's glory days are clearly behind it. Unfortunately, the field's state may also be symbolic to the former team's big-league counterparts this season.

Dead on arrival.

Send water.

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