If it weren't for the lack of cartoon bananas and colorful shells, this track could be straight out of Nintendo's Mario Kart.

Supercharged Entertainment in Wrentham, Massachusetts is home to the world's largest indoor multi-level karting track. Yes, you read that right; It has two levels. With less than an hour's drive from the SouthCoast, you can hop in one of Supercharged's karts and zoom your way around this epic course, which features twists, turns, and, you guessed it, changes in elevation you just don't see at any average track.

Supercharged Entertainment's entire indoor facility is a massive 125 thousand square feet, and 80 thousand of that is dedicated solely to its go-karting track. The building on Washington Street in Wrentham is also home to Supercharged's own pub, trampoline park, gaming lounge, and Ninja Wipeout course, where you can live out your dreams of being on the early-2000s television show, "Wipeout." Sign me up!

Supercharged Entertainment
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Go-kart pricing starts at $25.50 for a single race, with bundle deals for three, five or ten races per individual. The Ninja Wipeout experience costs $18.95 per hour, and waivers are always required for both activities.

Pro-Tip: Walk-ins are welcome at Supercharged Entertainment, but if you're go-karting, pre-booking ahead of time is probably the way to go so you can save yourself a lot of time waiting in line.

Supercharged Entertainment

Still curious what it's like to go-kart at the world's largest track? Check out more exhilarating videos on Supercharged's TikTok account or on the company's website.

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