Thinking about supporting your local entrepreneur on Lemonade Day May 4?  Don't overthink it, here's the easiest way to show your support!

1. There are stands all over the Southcoast.  Find your town on our map and look for a stand close to your neighborhood or near your favorite business.

2. Kids have worked out their own, custom menus for their stands. Ask them about it. Are they using fresh fruit? Are they serving multiple flavors? Did they come up with their own product names? We've learned after 4 years worth of Lemonade Days that kids are VERY good at business themes.

3. Kids have followed the Food Safety Guidelines. They are using gloves to handle food, bagged ice, and serving their lemonade from a container with a lid and a spout. The Board of Health has not inspected these stands.

4. Most kids have cups of lemonade for under $1.50. Some stands will have other items as well, but your patronage is important whether you buy one cup or six cups. If they demonstrated great customer service, leave them a TIP!

5. Most stands will have signs letting you know where they are donating a portion of their proceeds. Some kids choose to donate 10% and others donate 100%. Ask the kids why they chose to donate to a particular cause; we're sure you'll be amazed!

6. Kids are also earning money for personal spending/saving. Ask your local entrepreneur what they plan on spending their money on. It could be a new American Girl Doll, tickets to Water Wiz, or a skateboard. You'd be surprised at what kids are working so hard for.

7. Did you like their overall marketing strategy?  Let them know!  Each stand's decorations, colors, and signage choices were all carefully picked out. If you like someone's glittery tip jar or jingle (yes, some kids have jingles) there's no harm in telling them they made great business choices.

8. Lastly, tell your friends. If there is a stand nearby and you had a great time supporting it, tell your neighbors to swing by, too. Word of Mouth is just as important to kids' lemonade stand business as it is for any big business. Take it one step further and take a photo with them (if it's okay with them/their parents) or Facebook live from their stand.

Lemmy pours

Lemonade Day SouthCoast is part of the National Lemonade Day program based in Houston, TX. It is proudly supported by community sponsors including BayCoast Bank,  ProGroup Contracting, Frugal Franks, Andrew's Fruit & Produce, Seaport Inn Grill, Auclair's Market, Sonic of Somerset, Roots & Daisies Beauty Parlor, Lee's Market, St. John's Restaurant, Southcoast Marketplace, Wicked Kickin' Savory Cheesecake, Cape Air, Fieldstone Farm Market, Colonial Honda of Dartmouth, Custom Floors, and 7-11 Mattapoisett.

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