16-year-old Brenten Clarke of Fall River has been participating in SouthCoast Lemonade Day for the past 8 years, not only because he loves to donate his earnings to special organizations, but because his bond with his family drives him to set up shop each year in their honor.

This year, Brenten and his family are excited to do it all again on June 24th.

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“The year I gave birth to my son, my mother and grandmother both found out they had breast cancer,” said Brenten’s mother Courtney Clarke.

Clarke’s grandmother succumbed to her illness, but her mother ultimately survived.

“When my son was born, my mother said he was the reason she was still alive,” said Clarke. “They have a bond like no other.”

Unfortunately, her mother was recently diagnosed with Kidney cancer, and Brenten’s best friend was now battling another illness.

It was no question that Brenten would dedicate his lemonade stand this year to not only his great-grandmother he had lost but to his grandmother who continued to fight for her life.

Brenten and his mother, Courtney, named their lemonade stand “Lemons from Heaven” the year his great-grandmother died, and they have been going with the name ever since.

Every year, they donate their earnings to important causes, and this year, a portion of their proceeds will go to SouthCoast Oncology to help Brenten’s Grandmother continue her battle with Kidney cancer.

Clarke shared how passionate her son is about Lemonade Day and how much he looks forward to it every year.

“He works at Markert Basket and he calls out of work just to do this,” said his mother. “He really likes to give back.”

On June 24th, we will see hundreds of driven kids setting up their lemonade stands, learning the value of a dollar, and giving back to the community. Brenten is proud to be one of those kids year after year.

Find the “Lemons from Heaven” stand at BayCoast Bank in Fall River on June 24th from 11 am to 3 pm.

Do you have a child that would like to participate in Lemonade Day? There is still time to sign up. Register online to be a part of the 8th annual Lemonade Day SouthCoast.

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