We all know actors and actresses are put into many different situations when auditioning for a role in an upcoming movie but what would you do if the production reps of that said movie asked you to send in a photo of your "private part". Well in Shia LaBeouf's case, he sent one!

Shia LaBeouf recently auditioned for the role of Jermome in an upcoming movie called "Nymphomaniac" directed by Lars Van Trier, but before Shia landed the role he admitted he was asked by productions to send in a photo of his penis.

Lars is not your ordinary director, for his movie "Nymphomaniac" he is using porn peeps to film real sex scenes and then recomposing the shots with the casted actors. LaBeouf says he is excited for the role but the request for sure brought fear into his team. Christian Slater and Uma Thurman are also apart of the "Nymphomaniac" cast, I wonder what "requests" they were asked to give to land their roles. One thing is for sure, I'll be having a front row seat to this movie!