The city of Cranston, Rhode Island, will soon get the spotlight in a documentary called The Heart of Knightsville.

Vincent Pastore, a star of The Sopranos,  is tapped to host the film.

The Italian culture is deeply rooted in Knightsville, and the story of this little neighborhood in Cranston will be brought to life on the big screen thanks to the joined efforts of Pastore, Bernadette Conte, Tom Denucci and Steve Feinberg.

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Pastore to Host Knightsville Documentary

The Heart of Knightsville will explore the ties between the sister cities of Itri, Italy and Cranston, Rhode Island, and it will tell the story of a community’s unwavering effort to stay true to its culture.

The doc will also highlight St. Mary’s feast, a beloved Rhode Island tradition since 1905.

Based on the book Eviva Maria: Madonna della Civita by Bernadette Conte and directed by Tom Denucci, the documentary will be a love letter to the Italian heritage that runs throughout Knightsville, Cranston and beyond.

Pastore may be from New York, but when he heard about the film and what it stands for, he happily joined the project.

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Pastore Receives Key to the City

Pastore, better known as Big (ahem) Cat (we’ll keep it PG), enjoyed an evening at St. Mary’s Society Club to raise funds for the film and St. Mary’s Church.

Pastore’s loveable personality filled the room as he took the time to take photos with everyone in attendance and share stories of his time in showbiz.

Maddie Levine/Townsquare Media
Maddie Levine/Townsquare Media

Cranston Mayor Kenneth Hopkins took to the podium to thank Pastore for his involvement in the project.

“Things like this are what make Cranston such a great city,” the mayor said. “We come together, we volunteer, and when we need something, everyone pulls together.”

The mayor couldn’t resist a few Sopranos references before inviting Pastore back for the feast this summer.

“I just did a documentary about the feast. Of course, I'm coming back,” Pastore said with a laugh.

Mayor Hopkins presented Pastore with the key to the city, and that moved the actor so much that he decided to auction off his jacket.

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This wasn't an ordinary jacket. It was straight from the set of The Sopranos and off Pastore’s back.

“I’m going to sell (the jacket) tonight and we’re going to give the money to the church,” he said.

Thanks to this upcoming documentary, Vincent Pastore will forever be tied to Cranston, Rhode Island.

Expect to see Pastore return to Rhode Island as the grand marshal for St. Mary's Feast this summer.

Stay tuned for The Heart of Knightsville's release date.

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