The crew at Barstool Sports seemingly can't get enough of Rhode Island.

Back in January, Dave Portnoy brought his Rough N' Rowdy show to Amica Mutual Pavilion and visited several pizza joints for his iconic "One Bite Pizza Review" series.

This week, Barstool Sports legend Frank the Tank stopped by Sam's New York System in Warwick for a series he likes to call "Raw Dogging with Tank."

Rhode Islanders love their hot wieners, but what did Frank the Tank think?

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Sam's New York System in Warwick

Sam's New York System has been slinging dogs for the Warwick area since 1968. The New York System wiener is a staple to Rhode Island food culture, topped with chili, chopped onions, celery salt and mustard, held by a steamed bun.

At Sam's, you'll find other items on the menu, including gyros and chicken sandwiches, but Frank the Tank only had eyes for the wieners.

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Frank the Tank Rates Sam's New York System

Frank considers himself a hot dog connoisseur, and while he appreciated the toasted bun, he wasn't thrilled with the bun-to-dog ratio.

"It's a little more bun than dog. I like when the dog sticks out of the bun. I always think that's a good sign," he said.

He had one plain wiener and one with the works.

When it came to the plain dog, Tank gave it some respect.

"It's a bloop, pump-back single over the head of the first baseman," he said.

That's good, right?

When it came to the fully loaded wiener, he was less than impressed.

Maybe he could have used some coffee milk to wash it all down. 

Check out his official rating below:

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