Coffee milk is a big deal.

Those of us who grew up in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts know this. We'll pair the magical beverage with breakfast. We'll sip it between bites of hot wieners. Sometimes, we'll pour a tall glass to enjoy on its own because, hey, life is too short to drink boring things. Always, we'll defend it to the death.

Renowned for its sweet taste, coffee milk requires little on the backend: milk and a squirt (or more) of thoroughly mixed-in coffee syrup. Think Silmo in New Bedford or Rhode Island-made Autocrat, whose widely known red and yellow bottles are prominently for sale in the Providence train station gift shop. Travelers can take Rhode Island's signature syrup nationwide and spread the gospel of goodness.

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Something this delicious couldn't stay a regional secret forever. Soon, coffee milk may belong to the world.

You want proof? Look no further than Late Night With Seth Meyers. Filmmaker and author George Motz, enviably designated the "foremost authority on hamburgers" by The New York Times, dropped by the NBC show primarily to make a smashburger. He also had the good sense to pair the burger with coffee milk.

@latenightseth George Motz spreads the gospel of Rhode Island coffee milk. #IYKYK ♬ original sound - Late Night with Seth Meyers

"I've never heard of a coffee milk before," Meyers, raised in New Hampshire, told the foodie. Meyers' longtime cue card guy, Wally Feresten, was likely standing just a few feet away, off camera. He could probably teach the host a thing or two about coffee milk, having been born in Fall River and raised in West Bridgewater.

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"If you're from Rhode Island," Motz responded, looking to the New York City studio audience for easy applause. He got none.

"It's a small state so you decreased your odds," Meyers told his guest. Fair enough.

Motz showed Meyers how to do Rhode Island's "specialty" right. He filled a glass with milk, leaving room to mix in some coffee syrup, and then topped off the glass with more milk. He handed the milk to Meyers, who took a big gulp.

Then came the review from the esteemed former head writer of Saturday Night Live: "It's really good, dude."

This was love at first sip.

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Just like that, Rhode Island's official state drink for 30-plus years had won over another fan.

Rhode Island is a small state, Seth, but it packs some big flavor.

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