This Valentine's Day you can show your support for kids who have to spend the holiday in the hospital.

Boston Children's Hospital is hoping to have hundreds (if not thousands) of messages of support for the children battling various illnesses and conditions this Valentine's Day.

Many kids will be in the hospital for the holiday, but you can help to make the day a little more special.

Since these kids will not be able to exchange Valentines with their friends and classmates, the hospital has set up a page on their website for people to send simple messages intended to make the day more memorable.

According to the page, the messages sent will be "displayed in the hospital on February 14th for children and their families to enjoy."

So how do you send one of these e-card messages?

Click on the link below and it will take you right to the Boston Children's Hospital's page with Valentine's Day cards.

Choose your favorite of the three designs, fill out the simple form, add a short message if you would like and then hit send.

It's just that easy to make a hospitalized child's Valentine's Day a little bit brighter!

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