BOSTON (WBSM) — A doctor by day and a TV star by night – that's what Boston Children's Hospital had to say about its very own doctor who recently appeared on an episode of ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

Fans of Grey's Anatomy know that the show focuses on intense medical surgeries and procedures, often leaving fans wondering whether or not they are real-life situations.

For this Boston Children's doctor, however, his appearance on the medical show allowed him to share his expertise on a first-time procedure he performed on a patient back in Massachusetts.

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Dr. Darren Orbach is the Chief of Neuroradiology at Boston's Children's Hospital. The episode, which premiered last Thursday night, focused on a procedure he did last year where he had to treat a rare blood cluster abnormality in a baby's brain.

This procedure is significant because it was the first time it had ever been successful, and Dr. Orbach was the first in North America to complete it.

Not only did Dr. Orbach's medical expertise shine on the show, but he also played a role behind the scenes. Boston Children's Hospital shared a photo, revealing that the show's executives reached out to Dr. Orbach to consult and edit the episode's script.

An online source says that this particular surgery has had bad outcomes in the past. It wasn't practiced in a long time until more recently.

Once Dr. Orbach came on board with Grey's Anatomy, the show writers received all the information they could to bring this story to life with real-life images and videos from the procedure.

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