Hailey Fort is no ordinary 9-year-old girl she has been building and designing homeless shelters since she was five. 

Fort, who creates mobile homeless shelters with the help of her parents, has also created a small garden. She hopes to harvest vegetables to help feed her local homeless population in Washington State

She refers to the homeless as her “friends” and personally delivers small toiletries to men and women who live on the streets.

Hailey and her parents are supported by donors and she even has a Facebook page called “Hailey’s Harvest” to keep her followers updated on her progress. She hopes to build a dozen more shelters by the end of this year.

At such a young age she already knows what she wants to do when she grows up;"someone who takes care of people," she says.

Watch the entire heartwarming story below. This little girl is a true inspiration!


With additional reporting by Victoria Meneses