While being interviewed on MTV First's show Selena Gomez confessed that she loves to dance and wants to make her fans dance with her newest music.

Selena confessed that while on the set of "Spring Breakers" edm artist Skrillex influenced her want for some baby dubstep like beats to background her upcoming music. Well,well, well, this sounds like a mutual love felt by her now again boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Such edm artist like Skrillex and Cliff Martinez worked their beats onto the "Spring Breakers" soundtrack and Selena Gomez was so effected by it all that she began to want to  include the use of more fast paced and and high energy beats into her newest album that has yet to be released.

Selena also says that's just the beginning of what her music arrangement on the album has in store for her fans. Makes you excited doesn't it?