Even though it's about 60 degrees out right now, today's "Wicked or Whack?" is a harsh reminder that we still have months left of the bone-chilling cold – but the artist behind the song is actually heating things up.

You may not know Kim Petras. She is a German singer and songwriter that has built her fan base from the ground up.

Kim originally got lots of attention when she underwent a gender transition at a very young age. The media exposure went around the world. She was only 12 when she went through the gender transition, which included intense hormone therapy. Lots of controversy surrounded her and her parents. Kim was then dubbed the youngest transsexual and later got gender reassignment surgery at the age of 16.

She has been touring and gathering a loyal following especially in the LGBTQ community. She most recently went on tour with Rita Ora.

To add a little more scandal to Kim's resumé, she has been and continues to work with Dr. Luke, the producer who was accused of sexual assault by Kesha.

If you haven't heard anything from Kim and this is your first song, then get ready. She has been big in the EMD world and actually had a few chart-toppers on the dance charts already.

As you can probably tell, Kim's inspirations are Britney Spears, Madonna, and even Freddie Mercury. I can definitely see some Britney in this music video.

So what did you think? Is Kim ready for mainstream pop success? Is 2020 the breakthrough year for her? Vote now: is this song wicked good or totally whack?

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