It's hard for me to even put Dolly Parton and Fun 107 in the same sentence, but here we are. It's not what you think, though. Dolly has always been this light-hearted fun artist that the country world has honestly been hogging. She has been an amazing entertainer for decades now and can literally do whatever she wants and people will gravitate to her.

In our "Wicked or Whack?" song she is featured in samples from John Hiatt’s 1987 song “Have a Little Faith in Me.” The boys of Galantis, a Swedish electronic dance music production duo, were fans of Dolly and really wanted her on the song and just had to track her down. Galantis are Grammy Award-winners and, well, you know Dolly has a few under her belt, too. They also bring in some vocals from Mr. Probz, a Dutch singer that had his first hit in the states a few years ago with "Waves."

The music video came out just over a month ago and has just about four million views with little airplay or promotion around the song. I have to admit, Dolly looks amazing and clearly she is having fun being in the dance music world.

What did you think? Can't go wrong with an awesome sample, right? Dolly brings in the dynamic that the original song had. Is this upbeat dance track wicked good? Or are you thinking, "no thanks, this is totally whack?" Vote and let us know. Should we add this to the Fun 107 playlist?

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