A French photographer was banned from North Korea because of pictures he took of the country. You might be surprised by the photos that caused the lifetime ban.

After Eric Lafforgue refused to delete pictures he took while in North Korea, the country politely asked the photographer to never come back again, ever.

The photos in question seem pretty innocent to the untrained eye, but to the North Korean government official, Lafforgue's photos were unforgivable.

Photos taken in North Korea have to be Kim Jong Un-approved, but Lafforgue's pics were mainly banned for showing the country in a negative light. Any images of North Korean military or evidence of poverty are forbidden, and some of Lafforgue's photos have both!

You're also not allowed to take pictures doing silly things or being disrespectful in front of any Kim portraits, people with wrinkled clothes, or any proof North Korea receives foreign aid.

The insane list goes on. You can check out the actual banned photos in the link below:

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