Losing a loved one is never easy.


Today we had to say goodbye to you. Please believe us when we say that it was heartbreaking to see you go.

For the last 18-19 years, you gave your mom the best love you can give someone and she did the same for you. From kitten to a grown adult, she watched you grow. Together you both have traveled from different locations in search of the perfect place to settle down. Regardless where you ended up, you were always there to keep Mom company, never leaving her side.

You're a good boy, Steele.

I know we have only known each other for a little less than a year, but I loved you as if you were my own. I always will, too. You have been a part of my daily routine for quite a while now, and as I sit in the house that you once roamed, it seems quieter than normal.

Throughout my life, I've had pets come and go, but never have I met a cat quite like yourself. You were so easy-going and chill, loving and sweet. Whenever you had to move from house to house, you never complained or gave your mother and I a tough time. Sometimes, moving can be stressful and upsetting, but you always fit right in wherever you went.

Every night before turning in, you would greet your Mom by her pillow and cuddle up beside her, as if to protect her and keep her safe. Yeah, perhaps you were a pain in the butt with your 3-4 A.M. face licks with that sandpaper tongue of yours, but they were never unwanted and will be missed the most.

In the last 10 months, I have learned to love you as my own and I cherish the time we spent together. Yeah, I realize that writing to a cat is a bit unorthodox, but you were special to us, and to anyone who ever met you.

These next few days/weeks and even months are going to be tough for your mother and I knowing you're not around anymore. Trust that you will never be forgotten and we find peace knowing that you have reuinted with your sister, Jasmine. These tears that we shed are sad, but relieving knowing you are no longer in pain.

Saying Goodbye is never easy, I'd rather say "until we meet again" instead. Rest easy, sweet boy. We love you very much, more than you know.

With love, your pal,



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