Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer is being put to bed and will not be included in the latest Windows 10 Update. Long over due if you ask me.

Youtube via TheOfficialPCTechGuy
Youtube via TheOfficialPCTechGuy

Internet Explorer has been abandoned by many users. The browser just doesn't have the same features as others; like being able to support extensions. Internet Explorer holds a 60 percent market share, but this more than likely due to the update of Internet Explorer 8.

The replacement of Internet Explorer will be followed by "Project Spartan". According to Uproxx, this new browser is supposed to be similar to Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox. Spartan also has some newer features like annotating web pages and Cortana functionality.

If you are one of those users still using IE in 2015, don't fret. Microsoft understands this can be a hard time and is including IE in some versions of Windows 10.

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