Welcome to the 21st century. We may not have flying cars or live on the moon, but our routers have some pretty awesome names.

I swear, the cleverness here on the SouthCoast is impressive.

Are you looking for something entertaining to do today? Take a ride with a friend and have them open up their WiFi location settings as you drive down, say, Brock Avenue in New Bedford or South Main Street in Fall River.

People have created the most brilliant WiFi names and I'm here for it.

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My interest was piqued when I had trouble with internet access on my laptop. For some odd reason, my router was acting up and would not connect to any of my devices. That's when I searched for any surrounding available WiFi that wasn't passcode-protected.

My neighborhood had me in laugh-out-loud tears.

From "FBI SURVEILLANCEVAN 1" to "Yoga Lady," I discovered I knew little to nothing about the people surrounding me. That's when I got to wondering what other clever and funny WIFi names people have created across the SouthCoast.

The submissions did not disappoint.

Maybe the next time I'm due for a change, I'll try something like "Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo WiFi" or perhaps "Girls Gone Wireless," but I doubt my wife would appreciate that one.

Here's a list of some of the most brilliant and hilarious WiFi names found here on the SouthCoast.

SouthCoast's Most Creative WiFi Names

Imagine trying to connect to the internet and the list of available WiFi says this.

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