All across social media, I'm constantly running into the same comments such as Oh, what I'd do for an Iced Caramel Macchiato.

Starbucks Coffee drinkers have been in a rut lately since the franchise has closed its doors during the COVID-19 epidemic. Although the drive-thru has been fully functional, the inside lobby has been shut down, which has been an inconvenience to those who enjoy sitting down after placing their order.

Well, there is some good news and of course, there is some bad news.

The good news: Starbucks will be opening up its stores again by early June.

The bad news: not all stores are planning on opening, only 90 percent of them, which is still a reasonable chunk of the company's locations.

On April 29, the coffee conglomerate posted the following update on its company website:

"Over the next days and weeks, when it is considered safe to do so, and in cooperation with local health authorities and local governments, more Starbucks stores will be ready to serve customers in a range of ways." -Starbucks

Of course, it will be based on each store's health performance and current status.

Shorter operation hours, a "hands-off" door system (allowing you to enter the store without having to touch the same door handle thousands of others have touched previous to you), curbside pickup (where parking is eligible) and a more efficient drive-thru system will all be put into place to better the customer service experience during these trying and fragile times.

Looking to save yourself some time instead of waiting in a long line at the drive-thru for your morning Strawberry Frappuccino? The company suggests downloading the app and ordering ahead so that it will be ready for pickup when you arrive.

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