The weather is warming up on the SouthCoast this week and you might be thinking of making it a beach day soon. Or perhaps picking up a pizza and making it a beach night.

But whatever your sun and sand ritual may be, it's where you're spending the beach time that counts.

For many on the SouthCoast, Horseneck Beach in Westport is the first spot that comes to mind. It's the area's biggest beach for sure, and one of the most popular in all of Massachusetts.

Horseneck Beach offers a lot to its visitors, like camping, fishing, bird watching, a bike path, basketball court, boat ramp and 2-miles of beachfront. But not everyone who comes for a day of fun in the sun leaves with a smile on their face.

If the Google reviews are any real indication, there are plenty of Horseneck Beach haters out there harshing on the area's most popular swim spots.

Plenty of people have left simply a single star when rating this local hotspot, while others really got into detail about what they felt was wrong with the state reservation.

If we're being honest, there are definite downsides to Horseneck Beach.

There are more rocks than sand in most spots these days, each season the venomous Portuguese Man O' War show up, sharks have been known to pass by as well and the seagulls might be the boldest in the state.

Yet, Horseneck can be pretty great too.

There's usually lots of parking, the walk to the beach is never too long and sunsets there can be stunning.

It's obviously not for everyone however, since these local reviewers has some pretty harsh words for Horseneck. Scroll through and see how many you can actually relate to.

One Star Reviews of Westport's Horseneck Beach

Not everyone was having a good time when they stopped to visit one of Massachusett's most popular beaches.
Here's what some reviewers had to say about Horseneck Beach in Westport.

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